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“Glossed Out” Whole Shebang 5qt Kit (Spray On)

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From the makers of Poppy's Patina we present our "Glossed Out" Spray-On Gloss Clear Coat made from premium components.

  • California Compliant
  • Gives off a super wet look!
  • Prevents further deterioration.
  • Enriches colors and provides a UV protection
  • Easy to apply and equally effortless to polish.
  • Maintain your Clear Coat with our Maintenance Duo from Poppy’s Detail.*Included*

*On average 5qts of Glossed Out will cover a long bed C10 Truck.*

See Application Instructions here


From the makers of Poppy's Patina we present our "Glossed Out" Spray-On Gloss Clear Coat made from premium components to give you the "super wet" look you've been looking for. Formulated to fully enrich the colors of your ride and provide a UV protection. This spray on clear coat is California Compliant, easy to apply, and equally effortless to polish. 

Thin product with our Uni-Solv.

Our Detail Spray With Ceramic is a final wipe that protects, restores, seals, and enhances the beauty of a vehicle. A slick hydrophobic feel to your surface is guaranteed! Safe on paint, clear coat, plastic, fiberglass, chrome, aluminum, steel, wood finishes, and vinyl.

Our Wash & Wax is a premium hand wash designed for cleaning and protecting surfaces. It will clean and brighten with minimal effort. Sheds water after only one use!

Our Pre-Cleaner is a premium soap wash designed for cleaning surfaces before prepping for paint or Clear Coat.

Our Wax and Grease Remover is a final cleaner used before applying our clear coat. It is used to remove any surface contaminates that may be present after washing with our Pre-Cleaner. It will remove any wax or oil type coating that may have been previously applied to your patina surface. 

Maintain your Clear Coat with our Detail Line Up

Kit Includes

x4 32oz California Compliant "Glossed Out" Spray-On Clear Coat, x4 8oz California Compliant "Glossed Out" Activators, x3 Gray Light Duty Scuff Pads, x1 32oz Wax and Grease Remover, x1 8oz Bottle of Pre-Cleaner, x1 32oz bottle of Wash & Wax, x1 32oz bottle of Detail Spray w/ Ceramic.