Matte Finish

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Our clear coat is a very simple wipe on application that provides beauty and depth to all patina surfaces. It seals surface rust and prevents further deterioration. Enriches colors and provides a UV protection to prevent further color fading. Dries to a hard finish that beads water for years to come. 

Our Clear Catalyst is recommended for chemical resistance against harsh chemicals like gasoline, acid rain, etc. 

This product is as simple as lightly wetting the provided applicator for large areas, or a rag for small hard to get to areas. While using the applicator or rag, wipe on in one direction making even swipes. No wipe off necessary. The product will appear to be wet and shiny upon initial application but after 10-15 minutes of flash time, you will have a matte finish. One coat is sufficient for a long lasting effect that can be enjoyed for years. Dries streak free. 
1 32oz container will cover 1 long bed C10 Truck + when wiping. 2 32oz cans required for spray application.