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“The Whole Shebang” Land Shark Kit (Gloss)

Original price $236.45 - Original price $236.45
Original price
$236.45 - $236.45
Current price $236.45
  • “Land Shark” means Double the Product for bigger projects.
  • “The Whole Shebang” includes our Pre-Cleaner for surface prep and our Clear Coat Maintenance Duo for maintaining your clear coat after application!
  • Prevents further deterioration.
  • Enriches colors and provides a UV protection
  • One coat is sufficient for a long lasting effect
  • Dries to a hard finish
  • Maintain Clear Coat with our Detail Line Up

1 32oz container will cover 1 long bed C10 Truck + when wiping. 2 32oz cans required for spray application. 

See Application Instructions here.


Our clear coat is a very simple wipe on application that provides beauty and depth to all patina surfaces. It seals surface rust and prevents further deterioration. Enriches colors and provides a UV protection to prevent further color fading. Dries to a hard finish that beads water for years to come.

Our Detail Spray With Ceramic is a final wipe that protects, restores, seals, and enhances the beauty of a vehicle. A slick hydrophobic feel to your surface is guaranteed! Safe on paint, clear coat, plastic, fiberglass, chrome, aluminum, steel, wood finishes, and vinyl.

Our Wash & Wax is a premium hand wash designed for cleaning and protecting surfaces. It will clean and brighten with minimal effort. Sheds water after only one use!

Our Pre-Cleaner is a premium soap wash designed for cleaning surfaces before prepping for paint or Clear Coat.

Our Wax and Grease Remover is a final cleaner used before applying our clear coat. It is used to remove any surface contaminates that may be present after washing with our Pre-Cleaner. It will remove any wax or oil type coating that may have been previously applied to your patina surface. 

Kit Includes

x2 32oz Gloss Wipe-On Clear Coat, x2 Clear Catalyst, x1 32oz Wax and Grease Remover, x1 1lb. bag of Recycled Knit Rags, x2 Applicators, x3 Grey light Duty Scuff Pads, x1 8oz Pre-Cleaner, x1 32oz Wash & Wax, x1 32oz Detail Spray w/ Ceramic.